Class 10 student stabs senior 6 times in school

A class 10 student studying in a government school of East Delhi Krishna Nagar stabs his senior brutally at the school campus for atleast 6 times just after the morning prayer.

As per the police investigation, the accused stab four times on senior’s back and two times on his arms. The teen is handed to the police and is being counselled.

The injured boy is immediately taken to the Hedgewar Hospital and he is out of danger now. The case has been registered at the Krishna Nagar Police station and the knife is being seized by the police.

The police probe revealed that the two boys had usual fights as both bullied each other over one and another issue and they were classmates until last year but the boy who attacked failed in class 10th.

The police are still finding out the reason behind the fight between the two students and the source from where the culprit gets the knife.

Meghna Yadav, Deputy Commissioner of Police said that, “We are ascertaining the sequence of the events as well as the source through which the boy arranged the knife. We are also probing how he entered the school premises with a knife”.

The injured boy lives with his mother, two brothers in Jagatpuri and his father is no more.  His elder brother said that he had fight with the accused on Wednesday.

He said, “On Wednesday, my brother had gone to meet his friends ho had failed in class 10 last year. At that time, the boy who stabbed him today got an argument with my brother’s friends. When my brother intervened, the boy began fighting with him as well”.

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