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CBSE to allow eatables in Board exams for Type 1 Diabetic students

The central board of secondary education(CBSE) board exams will commence from 5 March. Before that, CBSE has provided some relief for the class 10 students who are suffering from the type 1 diabetic condition by allowing them to carry food and water inside the examination hall.

The examination committee has passed some changes in the guidelines for the upcoming exams by considering that the class 10 batch will face the board exams after a gap of five years. One of the them would be to secure minimum of 33 per cent to pass a subject.

According to the examination committee, “students need to secure overall 33 per cent in- both internals and externals taken together – in a subject to be able to pass it”.

The Board said that there is considerable number of students who are suffering from Type 1 diabetes and they need regular insulin injections to manage the glucose level. So, to avoid any issues with the student’s health, they are allowed to bring sugar tablets, candy fruits, snacks, banana, apple, orange, chocolates and water with them during the exam.

The students, however are allowed to submit the certificate confirming their ailment and its nature.

The committee said, “The food items will be kept with the invigilators at the exam center and when the need arises they will be handed over the eatables”.

Dr Atul Kakar, a senior consultant at department of internal medicine at Ganga Ram hospital suggested students with Diabetes to carry food stuff with them in the exam hall.

He said, “students can carry snacks, fruit salad comprising apple, banana and pear. They can also carry a sandwich”.

The CBSE have already release a helpline for the students to resolve all their exam related issues with the experts. As a result, the stressed students reach in bulk with the experts to solve all their doubts and problems for the exams as well as some personal issues.


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