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Pilot escapes death, IAF’s ageing MiG-27 fighter Jet crashes near Jodhpur

Another incident of the ageing Indian Air Force’s MiG-27 fighter Jet crash took place on Tuesday Morning in Jodhpur, Rajasthan during a routine mission. However, luckily the pilot of the fighter Jet safely escapes death on time. Soon after the incident, Indian Air force ordered an inquiry into the matter. There are still two fighter jet available presently in the MiG-27 fighter Jet series and they are in the process of being phased out on next year. Deputy Commissioner of the Jodhpur, Amandeep Singh said that the police officials have…

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Rahul Gandhi said Rafale deal ‘globalised corruption’, warns ‘big bombs’ soon

In the series of attacks against PM Modi against Rafale deal, Rahul Gandhi on Friday add up another allegations by saying that Rafale deal as ‘globalised corruption’ and it will soon drop a buster big bombs in the few weeks. In his twitter handle, Rahul Gandhi said that “Globalised corruption. This Rafale aircraft really does fly far and fast! It’s going to drop some big bunker buster bombs in the next couple of weeks”. Globalised corruption. This #Rafale aircraft really does fly far and fast! It’s also going to drop…

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Arunachal Pradesh, Assam on high alert of Flood, warned by Chinese authority

Chinese authority have issued a high alert recently for Assam and Arunachal Pradesh state for the flood like conditions in the coming days as Tsangpo river in China swells up and further entering into the Indian state is creating the danger of heavy flood. Followed by the alert which says that Tsangpo river is increasing with an observed discharge of 9,020 cumec, the state government of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh have sent put an alert for the advance relief measures. The three major rivers of Assam- Dhansiri, Brahmaputra and Bharali…

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100 lives were lost, lakhs of jobs destroyed, congress attacked BJP on RBI’s claims that demonetisation returned 99.3% junked notes

Congress on Wednesday attacked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to apologise the country for telling lie for controlling terrorism and black money as RBI claimed that about 99.3% of the junked notes have been returned back to the banking system after demonetisation and PM Modi should apologize for the move. Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram said, “Modiji, will you apologise for that lie now? RBI report again proves that demonetisation was a ‘Modi-made disaster’ of epic proportions 99.3% of demonetised money returns”. Manish Tiwari, Congress spokesperson said that PM Modi…

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It is unfortunate that sitting judges, VIP to wait at toll plazas, says Madras High court to NHAI

The Madras High Court on Wednesday issued a notice to National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) by saying that it is very unfortunate to know that sitting judges and VIP are compelled to wait at toll plazas and a separate lane for them should be assigned soon otherwise NHAI would have to face the proceedings of the court. A new bench comprising Justice Huluvadi G Ramesh and Justice M V Muralidharan said that it is embarrassing for the VIPs and sitting judges to show their identity documents for passing the…

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Arun Jaitley counter attack 15 questions to Rahul Gandhi on Rafale

Union Minister of Finance, Arun Jaitley on Wednesday give a counter-attack on Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s allegations on Rafale deal by asking 15 questions related to the aircraft deal. On a blog post in twitter, Arun Jaitley asked “15 questions that expose Congress Party’s falsehood on Rafale” and said that Congress party had delayed the deal for more than a decade thus compromising on national security. Finance Minister said, “For reasons best known to the UPA Government, on 27thJune, 2012, the deal was directed to be re-examined, which effectively means…

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Railways to upgrade 70 stations, Rs 50,000 crore projects ahead of Lok Sabha Election 2019

A top government officials known by the upcoming railway projects said that the Indian Railways is planning to upgrade 70 railway stations along with delivering several railways projects worth of at Rs 50,000 ahead of the Lok Sabha Election 2019. The projects includes installation of CCTV cameras at the major railway stations and on 168 premium trains, stretches of the 3300km railway tracks and launch of the first indigenous high-speed trains. One of the official familiar with the planning said, “We’re working on the list of deliverables before April 2019,…

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WhatsApp rejects government’s demand to build software for message traceability

WhatsApp has rejected Modi Government’s demand for building a software that will track the origin the message by saying that it will undermine end-to-end encryption and will create the serious problems in future. In a statement WhatsApp’s spokesperson said, “Building traceability would undermine end-to-end encryption and the private nature of WhatsApp, creating the potential for serious misuse. WhatsApp will not weaken the privacy protections we provide”. Facebook owned company WhatsApp emphasises that the platform uses all kinds of sensitive information. Hence, they should stress more on educating people about the…

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PM Narendra Modi in Gujarat: Handed over 1 lakh houses, employment letters as Rakhi gift

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on 1 day visit to Gujarat on Thursday where he was welcomed by the Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani followed by the consecutive events lined up from addressing people of Valsad and Junagad, employment certificates to selected beneficiaries and will end up the day with a meeting with Somnath Trust. Initially, PM Modi addressed the people of Jujwa village of Valsad district where he handed over more than 1 lakh people with houses costing around Rs 1,727 crore under the Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana. These houses…

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“PM makes hateful remark at me, I showed affection”, Says Rahul Gandhi in Germany

A controversial hug by the congress president Rahul Gandhi to PM Modi last month is still not buried down, instead it is flowing beyond the borders as Rahul while addressing the public of Kampnagel Theatre in Germany said that hugging PM is only a way of showing affection to his hate. He said, “Responding hate with hate is foolish. It is not going to solve any problem. The only thing you control is how you respond. I wanted to tell him the world is not all evil places. There are…

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