genoabridgecollapse-truecolumn International 

Italian PM declare one year state of emergency after Genoa Bridge collapse

Italian PM Giuseppe declares one year state of emergency after 39 people killed with 15 others injured in the collapse of Genoa highway Bridge. About 10,000 rescue workers with 400 firefighters were involved in the rehabilitation work to bring the situation under control. Indian political parties are blaming the private company who are responsible for the maintenance of the Genoa Highway bridge. Deputy PM Luigi Di Maio clearly said that, “Those responsible for the Genoa tragedy have a name and surname, and they are Autostarde per I’Italia”. He added, “We…

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webminster-truecolumn International 

Several pedestrians injured as car hits UK Parliament barriers

Several pedestrians were injured when a car hits the security barriers outside the UK Parliament on Tuesday morning. The driver of the car was arrested and the Counter-terrorism police is investigating further into the incident. London Metropolitan police said about the investigation on Twitter. They said, “While we are keeping an open mind, the Met’s counter-terrorism command is leading the investigation into the #Webminster incident”. While we are keeping an open mind, the Met’s Counter-Terrorism Command is leading the investigation into the #Westminster incident. — Metropolitan Police (@metpoliceuk) August 14,…

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zafarkhan-truecolumn International 

Pakistan’s ‘Chaiwala’ turns out to be millionaire with assets worth Rs 30 million

A Pakistan’s ‘Chaiwala’ or Tahreek-e-Insaf MNA-elected member turns out to be a millionaire with everyone’s surprise after the documents submitted to the Pakistan’s Election commission. He was reported to be a ‘Chaiwala’ during the election campaign. According to the report by the Election Commission of Pakistan, Gul Zafar Khan who won the recently held Pakistani election from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa submitted all his documents thus disclosing the assets worth of over Rs 30 million. Zafar Khan owns a garment business with the immovable property costs Rs 10 million. According to the…

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bangladesh-truecolumn International 

Bangladesh: Students’ protest brought to standstill, new law approved by cabinet

The massive protest on the roads of Bangladesh by school and college students brings halt on the road movement and as a result, Bangladesh cabinet approved the new law demanding maximum prison sentence for those causing deaths in the road accident to five years. The law was proposed after 9 days of protest which paralyzed the Dhaka with students protesting for the deaths of two teenagers by a speeding bus and result into the clashes with the security personnel. Two children killed in the accident were named as Abdul Karim…

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lombok-truecolumn International 

91 killed, hundred injured as 7.0 earthquake hits Indonesia, toll may rise

Lombok island of Indonesia was shaken badly on Sunday evening by 7.0 earthquake that claimed the lives of 91 person leaving more than hundred injured. The Indonesian security forces and emergency workers are in fear of death toll to rise as debris of more than hundred buildings are still to be evacuated. Sutopo Purwo, national disaster agency spokesman said, “the search and rescue team is still counting the scene and evacuating. We estimate the number of victims will rise”. The after effects of earthquake is warned by the local authorities…

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emmerson-truecolumn International 

Zimbabwe election result: Emmerson Mnangagwa wins, opposition rejects results

The ruling party is once in action by winning the election on Friday with just over the 50 percent votes while the opposition just lose by a small margin and is certain to challenge the result in the courts. Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa got 50.8 percent while main opposition party led by Nelson Chamisa received 44.3 percent. The election was in peaceful environment as against the last day violence which reminded of long back repression under Mugabe. By winning the election, Emmerson says that he is humbled as he says…

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Kiki-challenge_truecolumn International 

Why Kiki Dance challenge is giving sleepless nights to police worldwide

Dancing on the road besides the moving car seems to be life threatening stunt until the Kiki challenge was viral on the social media. It is slowly becoming a mad craze especially among the youth to step out of the moving car with dancing and moving with it. Seeing the viral trend of Kiki Challenge, police worldwide are getting sleepless nights and issue warnings against this stupid craze. It all started on June 30 when comedian Shiggy posted a video of famous Canadian rapper Drake’s song “Kiki, do you love…

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imran-khan-pm_truecolumn International 

PM Modi congratulates Imran Khan, hopes to reshape peace, development in neighbourhood

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today spoke to the new Pakistani Counterpart Imran Khan and congratulated him for the victory. With the warm wishes, PM Modi also hoped to reshape the peace and development in the entire neighbourhood. Ministry of external affairs released a statement talking about the discussions both the PM had with each other. The statement read, “Prime Minister speaks to Imran Khan, chairperson of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party and congratulated him for his party emerging as the largest political party in the National Assembly of Pakistan in the recently…

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Indonesia-Earthquake_truecolumn International 

Indonesia Earthquake effect: Over 500 trekkers stranded on Active volcano

Over 500 trekkers with their guide remain stranded on an active volcano on Indonesia, Lombok as an after effect of powerful 6.4 earthquake that occur on early Sunday leaving 14 dead and 162 injured. Rescue operations were being carried out with the helicopters and search teams were active on the slopes of Mount Rinjani as rescuers have dropped the packets of food to those stranded spots. According to an estimate, 560 people are still trapped and those includes from the countries like France, Netherland, Thailand, Germany, United States and many…

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imrankhan-truecolumn International 

Kapil Dev hope Imran khan to do good jobs, more challenges ahead for n

Pakistan’s Tehrik-e-Insaf party emerged as the new ruling party of Pakistan yesterday by defeating Nawaz Sharif led Pakistan Muslim League as a result of which the new leader and former cricketer Imran Khan is getting wishes from all over the world including his Indian field rival Kapil Dev. With the victory, Imran khan is all set to face the challenges coming on its way. Kapil Dev is happy to see his contemporary as the new PM and said, “I’m very happy for him. I hope he manages Pakistan the way…

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