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Why President Ram Nath Kovind, first lady was stunned at Czech Republic?

President ram Nath Kovind is currently in a three nation tour to Cyprus, Bulgaria and Czech Republic and on Thursday while he was attending an event at Prague, Czech Republic, both President with his wife were stunned to see the performance by the artists. While attending the Indian community reception with the wife, Ram Nath Kovind was mesmerized to listen the Indian song at the foreign soil and the credit goes to the India-Czech Sinfoinetta Orchestra. The reaction of the president soon become as a trending news. The evergreen song…

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Facebook, Twitter opens up before US Congress for upcoming elections privacy

Social Media Giants Facebook and Twitter answered the multiple questions asked by the US Congress on Wednesday as they were asked about the strategies adopted to prevent foreign interference in the upcoming elections around the world. The move by US intelligence agencies comes as an advance move to save the privacy of the elections in the world. In 2016, it has been alleged that Russia interfered in the US Presidential election but it was later on denied by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a summit. On Wednesday, Facebook Chief Operating…

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typhoonjibe1-truecolumn International 

Japan’s Typhoon Jebi Kills 9, PM Shinzo Abe releases Evacuation advisoryJapan’s Typhoon Jebi Kills 9, PM Shinzo Abe releases Evacuation advisory

The most powerful Typhoon Jebi which hits the central parts of japan kills 9 people till Wednesday along with stranding more than 1000 people at the major airport due to heavy damage. seeing the heavy damage, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has ordered his government to take every possible steps to protect the residents. PM said, “I urge the Japanese people to take action to protect your lives, including preparing and evacuating early”. The terrible typhoon Jebi hits the West coast of Japan at Tuesday afternoon with the speed of 216…

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Apple did it in 38 years and Amazon in just 21 years

The technology giant Apple has crossed the mark of $1 billion on August 2 and following their footsteps, Amazon too has crossed the milestone mark of $1 trillion on Tuesday. Most surprisingly, Apple got there after 38 years of its establishment while Amazon blistering growth make it to achieve $1 trillion club within 21 years of its set-up. Started from a small garage in 1994, Amazon led by Jeff Bezos started its market trading from May 5, 1997 with $1.50 and it grows to $100 in 2009 and for the…

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walone-soeoo-truecolumn International 

Two Reuters journalists imprisoned for 7 years, attracts global condemnation

A court at Myanmar imprisoned two journalist from a news agency for 7 years as both the journalist were accused for spreading the secrecy of Myanmar’s private media law. However, the decision is attracting worldwide condemnation as the journalist community said that it is a ‘big blow to democracy’. Myanmar native Wa Lone, 32 and Kyaw Soe Oo, 28 has been accused for violating the official secret media law by reporting the incident of brutal behaviour by the Myanmar army on the Rohingya Muslims in the Rakhine state. About 7,00,000…

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batucaves - truecolumn International 

Malaysian Hindu temple gets dazzling complex colours makeover, disturbs originality, says government

One of the famous Malaysian Hindu temple gets a dazzling colours makeover for creating excitement among the visitors but the government officials gets angry by saying that it disturbs originality. Located on the limestone hills of Kuala lumpur, Batu Caves Complex is famous  among the Malaysia’s ethnic Hindu minority groups and with have the  significance of climbing the 272 stairs to reach the Hindu temple. To make the journey of the stairs interesting and less tiring, Batu Caves is coloured with multi-bright colours to celebrate a Hindu ritual which occurs…

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BIMSTECsummit-truecolumn International 

BIMSTEC Summit, Nepal: PM Modi arrives in multi-layered security, major highlights to know

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Nepal at the early morning for the 4th BIMSTEC summit which will be held from August 30 to August 31. A multi-layer security system has been assigned for all the leading leaders of the BIMSTEC member countries. PM Modi left via a special chartered flight from India and land at the Tribhuwan International Airport, Nepal around 8:30 AM. Besides PM Modi, other leaders like Bangladeshi PM Sheikh Hasina and Prime Minister of Thailand, Chan-o-cha has also arrived for the BIMSTEC summit. In the wake…

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Pakistan bleeding the Us to death in Afghanistan, says former US Army Colonel

The duplicity of Pakistan is not hidden from everyone but this time,US is on the forefront target as a veteran US Army Colonel, Lawrence Sellin told that Pakistan is playing with the US in Afghanistan by backing the dangerous terror groups like Taliban, Haqqani Network. Sellin said, “Pakistan’s duplicity has continued for Seventeen years. While accepting billions of dollars in military and economic aid, Pakistan has been slowly bleeding the US to death in Afghanistan through its support of the Taliban, Haqqani Network and other terrorist groups”. Lawrence Sellin had…

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Donald Trump’s former minister Michael Cohen found guilty in hush-money scheme

US President Donald Trump’s former minister Michael Cohen found guilty on Tuesday for the violations of the campaign fund and other charges including the fund arranged for paying Hush money to the porn star Stormy Daniels and to former playboy model Karen McDougal just to cover up the White House bid. This is the first time any minister related to Donald Trump has put an open allegations on the president thought it is not yet defined whether Trump’s prosecution is a matter of legal dispute or not. The news came…

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Kerala Flood Ronaldo - Truecolumn International National 

Is it true? Legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo donated 77 crore to Kerala flood victims

Kerala is still in the shock of the worst hit flood claiming numerous lives as the recovery process has been started. Helping hands from all over India as well as from the world step forward to help those affected by the tragedy. Among those, rumours about the contribution of Rs 77 crore from legendary Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is going viral on the social media. The pathetic situation of the people in Kerala right now has affecting many people around the world and they are giving their best to support…

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