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All you need to know about Pakistan Election 2018

Pakistan will mark the second ever civilian-to-civilian handover of power today with the elections contesting across the 85,000 polling booths under the eyes of 800,000 police and military personnel. Over 106 million voters will decide the fate of Pakistan today on both the national and provisional assemblies with more than 30 political parties and 12,570 candidates. The main battle is seen between the jailed ex- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s party Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) and cricketer turned politician Imran Khan’s party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). The other party in the…

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modivisit-truecolumn International 

PM Modi on a three-nation tour to Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa

To further strengthen the relations with the African continent, PM Modi is on the three-nation tour started on Monday. On the five-day tour, the first leg of Modi’s visit will be at Rwanda which is the first ever visit by any Indian PM after which he will proceed to Uganda and will undertake engagements from July 24 to 25. The final leg of Modi’s visit will end up in South Africa at the BRICS summit. A statement is released by the Ministry of the External Affairs according to which Modi’s…

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Hassan-Donald_truecolumn International 

“Never ever threaten US again”, Donal Trump warns Iran President Hassan Rouhani

Donald Trump warns the Iran president Hassan Rouhani on Monday by a tweet which said that, “Never ever threatens US again” and adding further more Trump said, “consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before”. The threatening from the Trump’s side came as a response of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warning to Trump on Sunday against the Hostile policies framed for his country by the trump administration Rouhani said on Sunday that, “Peace with Iran is the mother of all peace, and war with the Iran…

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5 interesting takeaways about Jeff Bezos Life

CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has recently surpassed Bill Gates for being the world’s richest man with the worth of $105 billion. Starting with an ordinary journey but with an extraordinary mind, Jeff believed in himself and crossed all the boundaries. Recently, his Company Amazon has also become the second most valuable company after Apple. The man is well-known for his sharp business skills but very few of us know about his journey to achieve the mountainous success. Jeff Bezos started his career with a telecom company, Fitel and carry…

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david-cemeron_truecolumn International 

“India fortunate to have a leader like PM Modi”, says Ex-PM David Cameron

Ex-PM David Cameron on Thursday praised Narendra Modi by saying that India is fortunate to have a leader like PM Narendra Modi who has a clear vision and deep thoughts for the long-term problems. In the annual meeting of the Indian Chambers of Commerce, Cameron said, “India is fortunate to have a leadership with a clear vision. When I met Prime Minister Modi, I saw he deeply though about long-term problems”. He further added, “Britain became a successful economy through its desire to trade, invest, sell and innovate, while India,…

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Thai-cave-conference_truecolumn International 

Thai Cave boys will make first television appearance today

All the 12 boys with their coach recently rescued from the Thai Cave will make their first television appearance today through a news conference in Chiang Rai. The boys who were suffering from the skin ailments and infections were kept in hospital of Chiang Rai since they were rescued with the international efforts from the Tham Laung cave complex in Chiang Rai. The news conference will be arranged by the Thai government on its “Thailand Moves Forward” and it will be of 45 minutes at the Chiang Rai’s provisional hall…

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nawazsharif-truecolumn International 

Pakistan Muslim League to launch Nawaz Sharif’s grandson Junaid for poll campaign

Nawaz Sharif’s grandson Junaid will soon be seen as campaign for the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) for the July 25 general elections thus becoming the first member of the Nawaz’s family to enter in the political activities. Junaid Safdar who is studying politics at UK University reached Pakistan on Sunday to meet his jailed grandfather Nawaz Sharif, mother Maryam Sharif and father Capt. (retd) M Safdar at the Adiala Jail In Rawalpandi. Nawaz Sharif, 68 and his daughter Maryam, 44 were arrested in Lahore on July 13 on the allegation…

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Indonesian-mob_truecolumn International 

As a revenge, Indonesian mob killed 300 crocodiles with knives, hammers

Indonesian mob killed around 300 crocodiles with knives, hammers and machetes in revenge for the death of a man killed by a crocodile at a breeding farm, authorities said on Monday. A photo released showed the heap of dead crocodiles in the Sorong district of the eastern Indonesian province of West Papua. The killing of 48-year-old Sugito by the crocodile takes place when he was looking for the grass to feed his livestock. He was first bitten on his leg first and then struck in one of a tail of…

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France-World-Cup_truecolumn International Sports 

France celebrates FIFA World Cup historical trophy with songs, flags, pride on streets

Tens to thousands of people gathered with joy on the streets of Paris’ Champs-Elysees Avenue to celebrate the 4-2 victory of France over Crotia in the FIFA World Cup Final in Moscow on Sunday. This is the second time in 20 years when France has won the World Cup and the crowd did the full justice to the historical win. The epic match of FIFA World Cup played yesterday at the Luzhniki stadium lifted the France to win with four goals each from Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogbe, Mario Mandzukic and…

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Thai-cave-accomplished_truecolumn International 

Whole story behind Thai cave rescue, from impossible to accomplished mission

Few days back, it seems to be an impossible task to save those 13 lives struck in the flooded cave with lack of oxygen and mammoth monsoon season which is on the way but on Tuesday, that mission impossible revert back as the mission accomplished with some positive and expert’s minds gathered from all over the world and uncountable prayers. An international effort celebrated the victory of death over life by saving those 13 lives on Tuesday with a news conference as soon as the last of the stranded group…

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