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Just 61 out of 100 vehicles sold, Pakistan’s government revenue collection fails

With much of strange by everyone, Pakistan’s government plans to collect the revenue by selling more than 100 luxury cars failed badly as they managed to sell only 60 cars. Imran Khan’s government earlier announced to cut all the unnecessary expenses to pay the mountain size debt and liability. As per the sources, the auction popularly known as “the nation’s wealth to its rightful owners” raised about just 200 million rupees against the predicted amount of ten times more by Pakistan’s Government. Imran Khan who took the office as the…

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Typhoon Mangkhut enters China, killed two, threatens to evacuate over 2.45 million evacuated

After causing huge destruction in Hong Kong and the Philippines, Typhoon Mangkhut enters into the Southern China region of Guangdong on Sunday thus killing two people and threatening more than 2.45 million people to evacuate their space. Typhoon Mangkhut enters with the speed of 162 Km per hour in Jiangmen city of Guangdong region. It has already causes huge damage in Hong Kong and claimed at least 59 lives in Philippines. As a precaution, more than 2.45 million people were forced to relocate and over 48,000 fishing boats were called…

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More than 70 fires, gas explosions in US; 1 dead, 12 injured and hundreds evacuated

A shocking incident occurred at the three communities of Boston, Unites States on Thursday thus killing 1 person, 12 injured and compelling hundred other people to evacuate their homes due to more than 70 natural gas pipeline explosions of all a sudden. The gas explosion left dozens of buildings demolished followed by which more than 50 firefighter departments rushed to the spot and took the immediate precaution steps for the further losses. The crew shut down the gas supply and cut down the electricity for prevent any further mishappening. According…

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Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif’s wife Begum Kulsoom died in London

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif’s Wife Begum Kulsoom died today in London after fighting a long battle with cancer. Begum Kulsoom was undergoing with the treatment of cancer since June 2014 and on Tuesday, her condition deteriorate all of a sudden on Monday night after which she was placed on life supporting system. Last year, she was diagnosed with throat cancer after which she stayed at London and went multiple surgeries along with chemotherapy sessions. The 68 year old Begum Kulsoom’s death was confirmed by Nawaz Sharif’s brother…

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hurricaneflorence-truecolumn International 

Hurricane Florence compels one million to evacuate, strengthens to category 4

One of the most powerful storm Hurricanes Florence has been intensified to category 4 on Monday and compelled almost one million people to evacuate their accommodation mainly near the North Carolina area of the US coast. Hurricane Florence is currently running with the wind speed of 140 miles per hour and may get even stronger as predicted by the metrological department. The recent map released of the storm showed that Hurricane Florence will likely to hit the parts of North Carolina and near the borders of the south Carolina. If…

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Mohan Bhagwat - TrueColumn News International 

World Hindu Congress: “Unite, otherwise wild dogs invade and destroy”, controversial statement by Mohan Bhagwat

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat gave a controversial statement at the recently ongoing Second edition of the World Hindu Congress at Chicago, USA. He directed all the Hindus to get united otherwise wild dogs will soon invade and destroy them. While speaking in front of the 1500 delegates around the world, RSS chief said that the Hindus have been suffering for the past years but in order to get united as a society and prosper, they have to unite which is a difficult thing. He said, “Coming together of the Hindus…

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Why President Ram Nath Kovind, first lady was stunned at Czech Republic?

President ram Nath Kovind is currently in a three nation tour to Cyprus, Bulgaria and Czech Republic and on Thursday while he was attending an event at Prague, Czech Republic, both President with his wife were stunned to see the performance by the artists. While attending the Indian community reception with the wife, Ram Nath Kovind was mesmerized to listen the Indian song at the foreign soil and the credit goes to the India-Czech Sinfoinetta Orchestra. The reaction of the president soon become as a trending news. The evergreen song…

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Facebook, Twitter opens up before US Congress for upcoming elections privacy

Social Media Giants Facebook and Twitter answered the multiple questions asked by the US Congress on Wednesday as they were asked about the strategies adopted to prevent foreign interference in the upcoming elections around the world. The move by US intelligence agencies comes as an advance move to save the privacy of the elections in the world. In 2016, it has been alleged that Russia interfered in the US Presidential election but it was later on denied by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a summit. On Wednesday, Facebook Chief Operating…

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Japan’s Typhoon Jebi Kills 9, PM Shinzo Abe releases Evacuation advisoryJapan’s Typhoon Jebi Kills 9, PM Shinzo Abe releases Evacuation advisory

The most powerful Typhoon Jebi which hits the central parts of japan kills 9 people till Wednesday along with stranding more than 1000 people at the major airport due to heavy damage. seeing the heavy damage, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has ordered his government to take every possible steps to protect the residents. PM said, “I urge the Japanese people to take action to protect your lives, including preparing and evacuating early”. The terrible typhoon Jebi hits the West coast of Japan at Tuesday afternoon with the speed of 216…

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Apple did it in 38 years and Amazon in just 21 years

The technology giant Apple has crossed the mark of $1 billion on August 2 and following their footsteps, Amazon too has crossed the milestone mark of $1 trillion on Tuesday. Most surprisingly, Apple got there after 38 years of its establishment while Amazon blistering growth make it to achieve $1 trillion club within 21 years of its set-up. Started from a small garage in 1994, Amazon led by Jeff Bezos started its market trading from May 5, 1997 with $1.50 and it grows to $100 in 2009 and for the…

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