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Meet ‘Edwin Joseph’, The sparrow man on this world sparrow day

To feed your family sufficiently is not an easy task in today’s world and in between this man Edwin Joseph is also feeding around 200 sparrows daily without anybody’s support. Edwin Joseph lives in Bengaluru and is a retired employee of BEML Bengaluru. He sustains his  livelihood on a pension of just Rs 1600 per month. He said, “It all started 12 years back. My wife used to clean rice in a pan. The broken rice used to fall down, and we should see lots of house sparrows at her…

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Corruption-perception-index-Truecolumn International 

India slips down to 81th rank: Corruption perception index

India has drop to 81th rank compare to previous year’s 79th rank on the ‘corruption perception index’. The index is released by the Transparency International in which India score 40 out of 100. The nation is considered as ‘seriously corrupt’ if it scores below 30. The main reason behind the low ranking of India is the addition of the new country – Vanuatu and the comparative more better efforts by the other countries. This is a setback to the Modi Government who claims agenda of cracking down corruption. India has…

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UNICEF-Report-Over-6-Lakhs-Newborns-die-Truecolumn International 

Alarming report by UNICEF: Over 6 Lakhs Newborns die within 28 days

UNICEF recently release an alarming report according to which over 6 lakhs babies born mostly in poor countries like Africa dies within 28 days of their birth. UNICEF executive director, Henrietta fore said, “ Given that the majority of these deaths are preventable. Clearly, we are failing the world’s poorest babies. we have not made similar progress in ending deaths among children less than one month old”. The report clearly shows a wide difference between countries like Pakistan where among 22 new born, a single baby dies while in developed…

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Southern-Iran-plane-crash-Truecolumn International 

Southern Iran plane crash: All 66 people on board feared dead

Adding up in the record of several aviation accidents past years in Iran, another distressing plane crash took place on Sunday which feared the death of all sixty passengers along with pilot and co-pilot, two security guard and two flight attendants. The ATR 72-500 twin-engine came down on Zagros mountains on Sunday. It was travelling from Tehran to the south-western city of Yasuj. It is an Asemese Airlines passenger palne. The rescue work was put on a halt as heavy winds and snow cover swept the spot area. The flight…

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User-friendly-view images-button removed from Google-Search-Truecolumn International 

The User-friendly ‘view images’ button removed from Google search: Getty images deal

In order to curb the track record of loss faced by the Google for the copyrights of his images available easily, the stock photography website Getty Images filed a complaint against it in Europe. Both the sides reached to a settlement to remove “view image” button in image search results. The convenient view image button allows the user to have an access of image by itself and even downloading it, without going to the source website. However, it will have a significant impact on user rather on Google. The users…

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Former 19-year- old student opened fire-Truecolumn International 

Former 19-year-old student opened fire with AR-15 Rifle ,17 killed: US

A distress shooting took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland city, a middle-class community about 72 Km north of Miami at 2:30pm. At least 17 people were killed along with 15 injured including students and staff. The teen behind the massacre was identified as Nikolas Cruz, who was expelled for “disciplinary reasons” a year ago. He was arrested and taken to hospital after the minor injuries. Broward county sheriff Scott Israel, ‘we have already begun to dissect his websites and things on social media that he was…

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PM Modi’s west Asia tour to Palestine, UAE and Oman-Truecolumn International National 

PM Modi’s west Asia tour to Palestine, UAE and Oman: Highlights to know

Prime Minister Narendra Modi accomplishes his four day visit to Palestine, UAE and Oman from 9th to 12th February. PM Modi called it a “key priority in our external engagement”. Raveesh Kumar, ministry of external affairs spokesperson said that the visit to the four countries aimed at strengthening “our multifaceted ties with the gulf and west Asian region”. PM Modi started his tour by visiting Jordon where he was warmly welcomed by Jordon PM Hani Al-Mulki in Amman and met king Abdullah II who lend a hand to his visit…

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Russia’s-worst-ever-plane-crash-Truecolumn International 

Russia’s worst ever plane crash: All 71 dead on board

The Antonov An-148 passenger plane crashed down in southeast of Moscow on Sunday, minutes after it took off from Domodedovo international airport in the Russian capital. “All sixty-five passengers and six crew members were on board, and all of them died”, Russia’s office of transport investigator said. The plane was headed to Orsk, a city in the Ural Mountains and was operated by domestic Saratov Airlines. The tragedy might be caused by weather conditions, human error or technical failure. “The bodies were so badly damaged that identification would have to…

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Earthquake-of-Magnitude-6.4-hits-Taiwan-Truecolumn International 

Powerful Earthquake of Magnitude 6.4 hits in Taiwan, killing two people

A terrified earthquake of 6.4 magnitude hits the northeast part of Haulien with a shallow depth of 10.6 Kilometres. At least four buildings were tilt dangerously leaving two dead. Rescue works were immediately proceeded to save the five lives trapped and more than 180 people unaccounted for in several buildings affected near Taiwan’s eastern coast. Hualien gives home to almost 10,000 people but the streets were badly affected by the force of the quake leaving 40,000 homes without water and power. Unusual scenes were captured with mid-sized buildings leaning at…

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Jet-Airways-grounds-two-senior-pilots-Truecolumn International National 

Jet Airways grounds two senior pilots for fighting in cockpit of London-Mumbai flight on New Year day

NEW DELHI: Jet Airways has grounded two of its senior commanders for battling inside the cockpit of a London-Mumbai flight on 1 st of January. Both the pilots are reportedly husband and wife and messed with an argument with each other inside the cockpit in the flying flight. Both were commanders and the lady was captaining 9W 119 while the other was co-pilot in the sector. The commander flying as co-pilot allegedly slapped the lady commander mid-flight after which she came out of the cockpit in tears. After the great…

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