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Still counting: Nirav Modi fraud case may reach to Rs20,000 crore

Nirav Modi case is still not wrapped as 24 companies and 18 businessmen filed a petition with the case of criminal conspiracy, financial bankruptcy against him for taking the franchise of their jewellery brand between 2013 and 2017. The case involves bonafide credit to all the related firms which is converted into as bad credit and can extend the estimate amount of Rs20,000cr. The businessmen and firms opened showroom of Gitanjali jewellery in Agra, Meerut, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mysuru, parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan and Karnal. Choksi firm and franchisees signed…

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Economic crises: Modi government should take people into confidence rather than cover up

State of the economy has become the central theme of debate all of a sudden- both in media as well as informal discussion. The government also seems to have seized the issue going by prime minister Narendra Modi’s recent interaction with senior officials followed by the constitution of prime minister’s Economic Advisory Council. How is it that, all of a sudden, a crisis situation arose that made the government feel like going from advice from an economist, with hardly 18 months left for the general elections? It has managed three-and-a-half…

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WhatsApp for Business: App announced with plans to monetise in future

WhatsApp, the messaging service used by more than a billion people every day will be used to make money as Facebook is gearing up to monetise it. WhatsApp is testing features letting businesses to chat with clients. WhatsApp will be testing new features to communicate with businesses people want to reach on WhatsApp, said the messaging servives in a blog post. The blog also stated, “We’re building and testing new tools via a free WhatsApp Business app for small companies and an enterprise solution for bigger companies operating at a…

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Last date today to link Aadhaar with PAN or face consequences

People may face consequences while filling Income Tax Returns if not linked their Aadhaar with PAN clarified the Income Tax Department. Today, August 31, 2017 is the last date for linking your Aadhaar with PAN. To check if your Aadhaar is linked with your PAN or not, you can simply login into your account on the income tax department’s e-filing website. Search for ”Profile Settings” tab once you are logged-in into your account and click on it to see whether your Aadhaar number is linked or not. If not, below…

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Industry’s inability to invest is reason behind low job creation: NITI Aayog

Diapproving the thought that rigid labour laws are the reasons behind the slow growth of Indian industries, the NITI Aayog says, industry’s inability to invest in labour intensive sectors is the real reason behind the low job creation. “The major impediment in job creation is that our entrepreneurs simply do not invest in labour intensive activities,” said Arvind Panagariya the Vice Chairman of NITI Aayog on Thrusday at the “three Year Action Agenda 2017-2020” release. State with the “most progressive labour laws” like Gujarat had also witnessed no big change…

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Sensex 276 points up and Nifty crosses 9850 majorly lifted by Banks and Infosys

The Bull is back at Dalal Street on Wednesday as the Sensex rallied more than 300 points intraday, majorly driven by banking & financials and heavyweights like Infosys & Reliance Industries. The BSE closed at 31568.01 points adding 276.16 points to its yesterday’s tally. The Nifty also gained 86.95 points and closed at 9852.50 at the closing bell. The Rupee gained a bit in comparison to US Dollar and closed at Rs. 64.135 per dollar. The commodity market saw a rise in price with Gold rising to Rs. 29,150 per…

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Rs. 200 Currency Note possible from September

The Reserve Bank of India will be introducing Rs. 200 notes by end of August or early September. This has been reported from various sources. The new denomination notes, which will initially have a trial run of 50 crore. This is being taken as another step to fight against black money and counterfeit currency. Demonetization was believed to the first step taken toward fighting black money. Demonetization illegalised the popular Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes overnight. RBI also believes the Rs. 200 notes will become a ‘very popular’ denomination. The Chief Economist…

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Major Public Sector Banks to go on strike on 22nd August

A total of 21 Public Sector Banks, such as State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Punjab National Bank may hold a strike against the privatization of public sector banks (PSBs) on Tuesday. Nine major PSBs unions with over 10 lakh employees control 75 percent of the total business. The strike is expected to affect the day-to-day economic activities of the common people. Crucial banking services will be hindered. This may also lead to NO CASH in ATMs while cheque clearances and cash deposits will not be processed as well.…

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Deadline for filing GST returns extended by 5 days. 25th August last date

Today was the last date for paying taxes and filing GST returns for the month of July but the deadline has been extended due to some technical glitches. With complaints coming in from several tax payers regarding the technical glitches on the Goods and Services Tax return filing website on Saturday ahead of the impending Sunday deadline, the government has extended the last date for filing the first tax returns under the GST regime to August 25. The ministry said that it had also received requests from States that have…

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Closing Bells: Sensex, Nifty and Rupee Fall again. Sensex down 317 points

After the closing bell’s today in the Stock Exchange today, Sensex and Nifty both saw a decline. Sensex dropped 317 points and closed at 31213 points. Nifty also lost 109 points and closed at 9710 points. The US Dollar spiked up again by 15 paise and closed at Rs. 64.30 per Dollar. The price of Gold went up by Rs. 56 and closed at Rs. 29,232 per 10 grams.  

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