Cambridge Analytica scandal: Facebook biggest ever controversy

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted mistake oh his part for the biggest ever fraud done with 50 million user’s data without their permission. This data was mainly used for the US election and Brexit campaign.

On Wednesday, Zuckerberg break his silence by saying that his giant social media platform ‘made mistake’ and ‘breach of trust’ arise between it and its users.

The CEO admitted on Facebook by saying, “I want to share an update on the Cambridge Analytica situation- including the steps we have already taken and our next steps to address this important issue. I’ve been working to understand exactly what happened and how to make sure this doesn’t happen again”.

He added, “we will ban any developer from our platform that doesn’t agree to a thorough audit. And if we find developers that misused personally information, we will ban and tell everyone affected by those apps”.

Later, Alexander Kogan, a psychology researcher at the Cambridge University clarified his position in the matter by saying that though everyone was blaming them for violating the social media’s platform but everything they did was legal.

He added, “my view is that I’m basically used as a scapegoat by both Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. Honestly, we thought we were acting perfectly appropriately”.

After the disclosure of the matter, Facebook shares have dropped to 9% losing $50 Billion off in the market value.

Britain PM Theresa May asked Facebook and CA to cooperate in the investigation process.

She said, ‘The allegations are clearly very concerning. People need to have confidence in how their personal data is being used”.

Alexander Nix, the head of the Cambridge Analytica was suspended yesterday after the exposure of the hidden camera footage showing that he suggested to use young women to catch opposition politician’s attention for compromising their positions.

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