‘BJP threatening all Journalist, Television and Newspaper channels’: Raj Thackeray

Shiv Sena Chief Raj Thackeray accused the Modi Government and asked all the other parties to join hands together to uproot the Ruling Government and win the election in 2019.

Continue with the attacks on the BJP, Raj Thackrey asked for a state of emergency in the country as according to him Modi Government have threatened all the journalists to newspaper and television channels to write or say anything against the Government.

Annoyingly he said, “stories are being conveniently shown to divert the attention of the media, while television channels were showing Nirav Modi running away with the Rs 11,000 crore scam, suddenly we had this news about Sridevi’s death and that occupied the news space, and everyone forgot about Nirav Modi”.

He said why the superstar is wrapped in the national flag when she was given state funeral even though he was drowned in the bath tub after consuming alcohol and if the same would be done by any non-BJP member, the media would surely tore in to him.

The MNS Chief said, “we need to fight for independence movement in 2019. We supported the BJP when they coined the Congress Mukt Bharat, but the way you are behaving we want a Modi Mukt Bharat”.

He compared the ruling of the Modi Government with the Adolf Hitler time and asked people to free themselves in the next upcoming elections.

Picking up every nooks and corner of the Government’s action, Thackrey accused the Demonetisation move by the Modi government and said that the reality behind this would be disclosed only after the new non-BJP government would come up.

He said, “If the new government comes to power, then we will see one of the biggest scams that has ever been done in the country and that is demonetisation”.

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