BJP President Amit Shah slammed Congress in his maiden speech in Rajya Sabha

Amit shah praises Modi Sarkar in the house on Monday by citing facts & figures and bangs the congress government.
Speaking on GST, he took on congress president Rahul Gandhi for stating it as ‘Gabbar Singh tax’ alongwith humbly accepted the hitches during implementations. Going along he said that the BJP never blocked GST in opposition but only wanted manufacturing states to get due compensation.

“We brought GST so that there is one nation, one tax. BJP never opposed GST but UPA did not want to pay compensation to states. Earlier there were 17 taxes and 23 cesses. A businessman had to deal with 15 inspectors. Teething problems are there but all decisions in the GST Council have been taken with consensus. There has been no voting on any issue in the Council,” Shah said.

He claimed that the opposition agreed with steps during the GST council meetings but criticised them in public later.

“One language in the GST Council meeting, another in Parliament and a different language in the meetings. What kind of politics is this? Shall we publish the minutes of the GST Council meetings and make them public?” he said.
“GST was called Gabbar Singh Tax. Gabbar was a villain in the movie Sholay. Is this tax dacoity,” shah asked while questioning the opposition for the statement said. Shifting his attack from Rahul Gandhi to P Chidambaram for the statement claiming that a person selling pakoras should be counted among the employed.

“Yes, there is unemployment. I am not denying it. But if there is unemployment even after you (Congress) ruled the country for 55 years, who is responsible for it? We have been working for only six years, seven years, eight years. Such a serious problem did not occur in just eight years,” he said.

Supporting his Government, he specifies Mudra scheme for providing funds to the unemployed to become self -employed.

“I believe that it is better than being unemployed that a young man works hard to sell pakoras. Making pakoras is not a matter of shame, comparing it with begging is a matter of shame. Today if somebody is earning a livelihood by selling pakoras, tomorrow his son can become a big industrialist,” the BJP chief said.

Lakhs and crores of youth are self-employed and working hard to earn a living. Why will you compare those selling pakoras and using other means of self-employment with beggars? What kind of a mindset is this?” Shah said.

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