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“BJP is a dangerous party”, says Rajinikanth over Mahagathbandhan in 2019 Election

Actor turned Politician Rajinikanth suggest that all the opposition parties should collaborate and fight against the stronger party BJP for the upcoming Lok Sabha election 2019 as it is a dangerous party.

Speaking to the media, Rajinikanth said, “My answer was if the opposition Parties are seeing the BJP as a dangerous party, then for them (opposition parties), the BJP is a dangerous party. It is for the people to decide. Who is powerful? If 10 people are ganging up against one? Imagine who is powerful? You can decide”.

rajinikanth - national news - truecolumn
Rajinikanth – National News – truecolumn

While talking about the historic move of demonetization by the Government, the actor said that it was not implemented properly.

He said, “The demonetisation scheme was not implemented properly. We need to have a larger discussion on it”.

When asked about speaking about the increasing incidence of sexual crimes against smaller girls, the actor said that a serious law should be implemented against such crimes.  


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