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Bazaar movie review: Did not showed to expectations besides Saif Ali Khan’s character

Stock market’s street drama Bazaar has hit the theatre today and is not living up to the predictions of the critics. The script inspired by the Hollywood movie Gordon Gekko will take you the dark world of Mumbai’s stroke brokers and the tycoon of that street, Shakun Kothari (Saif Ali Khan) managed to keep the stylish and dominant look.

Bazaar talks about the journey of two people on the major part- Shakun and Rizwan (Rohan Mehra). While Shakun is the top player in the stock market lanes, Rizwan is the newbie belonging from a small town Allahabad. The similarity between both is the hunger for the wealth and fame in the market.

However, the same storyline of Bazaar with movie Gordon Gecko is not justified at some point as the same copied translation from English to Hindi doesn’t make curious the audience to know more and the background music every time disrupts the flow. The overacting crafted with all these detailings makes the audience to lose their concentration from the movie.

bazaar - entertainment news - truecolumn
bazaar – entertainment news – truecolumn

Serving the usual plot of Bazaar with the wealthy men and women all around, corrupt politicians, intense trading, complicit TV anchors and the rest crowd dreaming for the big money.

The super talented Radhika Apte doesn’t stand out from others with the dialogues like “line cross karni padti hai”.

The good part of the movie is the well-balanced character of the newcomer Mehra who is greedy for the profit along with the humble behaviour. Even shooting in the movie, Mehra told that the experienced actors did not make him feel that he is a newcomer.

He said, “I had a great experience working with them. Both of them (Saif and Radhika) are really good actors and apart from that, I feel they are lovely human beings because they never made me realised that I am a newcomer. They treated me like their professional colleagues”.


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