Barcelona and Cambrils hit by a terror attack by ISIS. 5 suspects shot dead

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the deadly terrorist attack in most famous avenue in Barcelona on Thursday, which was packed with tourists in the busy afternoon hours. 13 people from various nationalities were killed and the death toll could rise as more than 100 are injured, authorities said. Islamic State’s Amaq news agency said that “The perpetrators of the Barcelona attack are soldiers of the Islamic State and carried out the operation in response to calls for targeting coalition states”.

It is still not clear about how many people were involved in the van attack and other incidents on Thursday. A few witnesses to the van attack said the white vehicle was at high speed and was trying to take out as many people as it could at Las Ramblas. The speeding van took out pedestrians and cyclists, sending some hurtling through the air and leaving bodies all around the street.

Spain started a strong anti-terrorism operation on Friday after the incident. As security forces of Spain hunted for the van’s driver, who was seen escaping on foot, police said they had killed five attackers on Thursday night in Cambrils, a town south of Barcelona, to stop a separate attack using explosive belts.

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