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Asian Games Bronze Medalist Divya Kakran slams Delhi Government for not giving support

Asian Games Bronze Medalist wrestler Divya Kakran stunned everyone at the facilitation ceremony by slamming Delhi Government directly for not providing the financial support for her Final day competition.

 Divya Karan who is a resident of East Gokulpuri near Loni area belongs to a poor family. Her father is a labourer while mother is a housewife who do odds jobs like sewing clothes. They live in a rented house.

The 20-year old Divya who shifted to Uttar Pradesh last year from Delhi said that the Delhi Government should provide her the basic necessity an athlete need.

Divya Kakran told, “I need financial and infrastructure support to prepare for the Asian. The government should take steps to provide better diet, travel, training and living space so that my enthusiasm to win medals for the country continues to be strong”.

She further added, “We are poor but we have huge determination. Everybody is supporting me now (after winning the medal), but nobody supported me when I needed support the most. If the government extends help during the period of preparation, we can give our 100% and win gold”.

However, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said that the sports policies drafted so far stopped for various reasons at top levels and his government has tried to improve it.

CM said, “After coming to power, the AAP government tried to improve it. Many other players also informed us about the problems they are facing. The policies we have drafted so far have been somehow stopped at the top level for various reasons”.

While reverting back on Kejriwal’s blame, internal source from the LG Office said that, “It is incorrect to blame everything on the LG. No file related to providing financial assistance or facilities to sportspersons was sent by the AAP government to the LG for approval”.

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Further talking about Delhi’s CM, Divya Kakran said that she has been struggling for the financial assistance for the sport but CM have sufficient money to award Rs 1 crore to Sakshi but don’t have much to recognize the talent of his own city girl.

Divya Kakran also talked about the partiality done while awarding athletes of different states. She said, “I don’t have any other choice. Look at the governments of other states. In Haryana, athletes get Rs 3 crore for winning gold. Even for bronze, they get nothing less than Rs 1 crore. Even UP is offering its Asian Gold medal winners Rs 50 Lakh. What has the Delhi Government given me?”.

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