As a revenge, Indonesian mob killed 300 crocodiles with knives, hammers

Indonesian mob killed around 300 crocodiles with knives, hammers and machetes in revenge for the death of a man killed by a crocodile at a breeding farm, authorities said on Monday.

A photo released showed the heap of dead crocodiles in the Sorong district of the eastern Indonesian province of West Papua.

The killing of 48-year-old Sugito by the crocodile takes place when he was looking for the grass to feed his livestock. He was first bitten on his leg first and then struck in one of a tail of the crocodile followed by the brutal attack.

Bassar Manulang, Local conservation agency head said, “An employee heard someone screaming for help, he quickly went there and saw a crocodile attacking someone”.

However, the agency has agreed to pay the compensation to the victim’s family. He said, “We made an agreement with the victim’s family and conveyed our condolences”.

But the villagers were not satisfied with the authorities and reach in hundreds with knives, Machetes and sholves in their hands thus killing 300 crocodiles ranging from four-inch babies to two-meter adults.

The conservation and lesser numbered police were unable to stop the angry mob.

The Indonesian archipelago is home to huge variety of wildlife including crocodiles due to which regular attacks on the humans were seen. In 2013, a licence to breed protected saltwater crocodile was given with a condition that the reptiles will not disturb the common villagers.

Manullang said, “To prevent this from happening again, farming licence holders need to secure surrounding areas”.

He said that the agency will be coordinate with the police authorities for the further investigation.

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