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Arunachal Pradesh, Assam on high alert of Flood, warned by Chinese authority

Chinese authority have issued a high alert recently for Assam and Arunachal Pradesh state for the flood like conditions in the coming days as Tsangpo river in China swells up and further entering into the Indian state is creating the danger of heavy flood.

Followed by the alert which says that Tsangpo river is increasing with an observed discharge of 9,020 cumec, the state government of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh have sent put an alert for the advance relief measures.

The three major rivers of Assam- Dhansiri, Brahmaputra and Bharali is already running above the danger level thus making 1,488 people to live in the relief camps. To combat with the situation, all the district administrates are asked to be present in the affected areas to deal in case of the flood situations.

Deputy Commissioner of Dibrugarh, Laya Madhuri said, “There are chances of a flood in the district due to swelling of rivers in Arunachal. But the district is prepared and necessary action has taken to tackle any untoward incident”.

The rise level of water in Tsangpo rivers is due to several factors as some of the dams have been collapsed thus leading to the water of river to be turned into brown or black colour for long time and the series of earthquakes occurred last year have also destroyed some of other dams.

A note water expert from Guwahati, Parthajyoti Das talked about the reasons for the flood like situation in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh by saying that, “During that period we got a scientific explanations from several quarters that there are a couple of landslides dams which may burst in future and depending on how much water is released or gradually, it could create a flood like situation in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh”.

As per the present reports, more than 50 people have died due to flood this year in Assam and about 15,000 people have been affected and gets displaced from their local places. Along with that, more than 600 hectares of land were damaged by the heavy rainfall and flood.


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  1. kushal kumar

    This Vedic astrology writer has been alerting India for more care and appropriate strategy against likely floods , quake , landslides , fires , health hazards or epidemics , while driving on road or rail , chemicals , gas , hydro-power , explosives , human malice etc during 10 August to about 8 September in present year 2018. Within this period , 18 August to 26 August, 2018 was perceived calling for still more care and appropriate strategy in relation to one or more of aforesaid aspects , depending upon vulnerability. States like Himachal Pradesh , Uttarakhand , J&K , Haryana , Delhi , Rajasthan , UP and nearby in northern India were alerted while in southern India , Andhra Pradesh -Karnataka – Kerala etc and NE were indicated. Now , equally worrisome period looks to be worthy of attention for more care and appropriate strategy in relation to aforesaid aspects of life in the vulnerable States listed here before. THE PERIOD BEGINS ON THE NIGHT OF 30 AUGUST AND STRETCHES TO COVERING NIGHT OF 3rd SEPTEMBER , IN 2018. Readers may also like to visit this writer’s alerts in article – “ Astrologically speaking , some highlights for India in coming year 2018” – published last year on 19 October , 2017 at and Almost every alert of this writer has been meaningful so far , not only for India but for world as well. These alerts are indicative of likely trends , and need not be construed to be deterministic in nature as human more care and appropriate strategy has weight. In other words , these do not mean alarm for panic.

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