Arun Jaitley counter attack 15 questions to Rahul Gandhi on Rafale

Union Minister of Finance, Arun Jaitley on Wednesday give a counter-attack on Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s allegations on Rafale deal by asking 15 questions related to the aircraft deal.

On a blog post in twitter, Arun Jaitley asked “15 questions that expose Congress Party’s falsehood on Rafale” and said that Congress party had delayed the deal for more than a decade thus compromising on national security.

Finance Minister said, “For reasons best known to the UPA Government, on 27thJune, 2012, the deal was directed to be re-examined, which effectively means that the entire eleven-year exercise was abandoned and the process was to undertaken afresh”.

Adding further, Arun Jaitley said, “India’s squadron strength was depleting because of age. This slow and casual approach of the UPA Government seriously compromised national security requirements”.

Arun Jaitley further said that Rahul Gandhi had changed the figures of the Rafale deal several time as while addressing in Delhi, he said that the deal was closed at Rs 700 crore while in parliament, he reduced it to Rs 520 crore per aircraft and further increased it to Rs 540 crore in Raipur.

The congress earlier accused the Modi government for closing the deal at three times higher prices than UPA disclosure with the France Dassault Aviation who manufactured the aircraft.

They further alleged that during the deal, Modi had helped the businessman Anil Ambani led Reliance Group. However, the reliance Group revert back the allegation and warned Rahul Gandhi against the charges that are misleading.



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