Argentina, Messi on the unexpected edge of FIFA World Cup 2018 exit

An unexpected match ending yesterday between Argentina and Crotia in the ongoing World Cup 2018 left Messi and his team stumbled as Crotia won by 3-0 over Argentina and the credit goes to the last 16 minutes splendid performance by Ante Rebic, Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic. After this match, Argentina will be inducted in group D category which means that they have just one point from two games and will have to beat Nigeria in the next game.

Everything was going smooth and on the hands of Argentina until goalkeeper Willy Caballero did a blunder in the 53rd minute and give a opening to the Crotia. On the 80th minute, Real Madrid star Modric put a gaol before Barcelona team mate Rakitic and completed with success.

The match reminds of Argentina defeat in 2002 campaign when the team had to face the knock-out at the group stage. Although the limelight is still on Agrentina defeat, but fine performance by Crotia is worth to watch.

The major setback is experienced by veteran goalkeeper Caballero who will have bad nightmares for the rest of his days for his mistake likely to be included on one of the worst goalkeeping blunders in the history.

The 30-year old football fame Lionel Messi’s dream of winning the World Cup this year. The pre-match attention from Messi is diverted to his counterpart Luke Modric who proved to be genius for leading his team to a victorious win.


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