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Another data breach: Google+ likely to shut down after compromising 5 lakh users’ data

Another data breach sprouts up recently after Facebook and Cambridge Analytical Scandal and this time its Google who is on the losing side as its social network platform Google+ has compromised with nearly 5 lakh user’s account followed by which is likely to be shut down soon.

As per the internal sources, it was said that the news of the data breach was decided not to report about the major data hack by the higher officials of the Google as it would soon be compared with the past data scandals. Though they have known in March 2018, in the defence have said that no misuse of the data has been done.

Google said, “evidence that any developer was aware of this bug, or abusing the API, and we found no evidence that any profile data was misused”.

The consumer version of the Google+ will only be shut down for now but an enterprise version will continue to exist. The data which was considered to be confidential with only friends could also be accessed by some app developers after the data breach.

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google+- technology news- truecolumn

The major problem with the Google+ data breach is that it is directly connected with the Gmail or Google account thus making easy access to all information of the user and even many of the users do not know if they have a Google+ account or not.

After the confirmation of the data breach, Google+ will be shut down soon as there are many challenges in running the social network and due to its low usage, it will not be beneficial in the future for the company.

Before shutting, consumers will be directed to how to shift their data from Google+ and will be winding it down over a 10 months period.

However, to secure your account, you just have to go through the Google account settings, open Google+ profile and see the setting option arise on the left-hand side and at the bottom, click to delete your account.



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