All you need to know about the Karnataka Election 2018 results

The long-awaited results of Karnataka election are finally out and bending down different speculations, BJP emerges as the big win party with 104 out of 222 seats in hands thus providing a boost for the upcoming Lok Sabha election 2019. However, other party like Congress secured 78 seats and JD(S) bagged 38 seats after which they asked the governor to combine together thus making it 116 and come to power in Karnataka.

Modi led BJP party have proved that even after much criticism and negative speculation to form the government in any states or at centre, people still believes in them and a new waves of Modi government started to flow in the southern regional parties also.

However, with surprise and going on the lose side, Congress government approached another major party in the state, JD(S) who got 38 seats to form a collaborative government and come into power.

Karnataka congress chief G Parameshwara said, “We accept the mandate of voters of Karnataka because no party has claimed majority so far. Therefore, congress has decided to support the JD(S). we will support them to form the government”.

Reverting back, BJP Karnataka senior leader Yeddyurappa presented his views regarding the result and said, “The people of the state have defeated congress’ misrule. Siddaramaiah has lost from his own constituency of Chamundeshwari. Under the leadership of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, the people have rejected the congress and accepted the BJP”.

Both the BJP and congress party’s top leader HD Kumaraswamy and BS Yeddyurappa are on its way to meet the governor for the final approval of the formal appointment at the Raj Bhawan.

BJP leader Yeddyurappa ask for the seven days from the governor to prove majority in the house and stake claim to form the government. The speculations are still on whether who will be get the final approval to serve the  karnataka in future.

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