All major highlights of By-poll election 2018 results: BJP loses UP’s Kairana seat

The results of By-poll election which was held on 28 May is out today with a clear alert for the BJP Government to push up their strategies for the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha election as the opposition unity in Uttar Pradesh paid off. The most anticipated seat of the Kairana is won by the Rashtriya Lok Dal’s Tabassum Hasan who is leading by 49,000 votes.

The opposition parties united by the Samajwadi Party, Rashtriya Lok Sabha and Bahujan Samajh Party emerged as the strong competitor of the ruling government in this By-poll election and compel the BJP government to give a second thought for the upcoming election.

After losing the Kairana seat from Tabassum Hasan, Mriganka Singh said, “Several people did vote for the BJP but with a lead of some thousand votes, the alliance has won. I would like to congratulate the candidate. The alliance has emerged strong and we have to prepare ourselves better for the future”.

In Kerala’s Chengannur seat, CPI(M) led Saji Cheriyan took over a lead by 20,950 votes by defeating Congress led D Vijaykumar by a margin of 20,000 votes overall.

In west Bengal, Trinamool Congress’ candidate Dulal Das secured 47,293 votes thus defeating BJP nominee Sujit Ghosh with 18,940 votes while in Jokihat, Noorpur and Karnataka BJP was defeated by the RJD, Akhilesh Yadav led-SP and Congress respectively.

However, in Uttarakhand BJP has retained the Tharali assembly seat with Munni Devi Shah by defeating Congress led Jeetram by 1,900 votes and BJP led Rajendra Garvit has also won Palghar Lok Sabha election by over 29,000 votes.

Up’s former CM Akhilesh Yadav congratulated his party workers for the successful win of Kairana and Noorpur assembly seat.

He said, “Congratulations to the people, activists, candidates and all united parties of Kairana and Noorpur! The defeat of the ruling party in Kairana is the defeat of the politics that divide the country in their own laboratory. The alliance has emerged strong and we have to prepare ourselves better for the future”.

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