Alarming report by UNICEF: Over 6 Lakhs Newborns die within 28 days

UNICEF recently release an alarming report according to which over 6 lakhs babies born mostly in poor countries like Africa dies within 28 days of their birth.

UNICEF executive director, Henrietta fore said, “ Given that the majority of these deaths are preventable. Clearly, we are failing the world’s poorest babies. we have not made similar progress in ending deaths among children less than one month old”.

The report clearly shows a wide difference between countries like Pakistan where among 22 new born, a single baby dies while in developed country like Japan, a one in 1,111 baby dies.

The report is released after the launching of the Global campaign, “Every child alive” with the initiative of “affordability, quality, health care solutions for every mother and newborn”.

The major reason behind the pathetic situation is premature birth, complications during labour and delivery and infections such as sepsis, meningitis and pneumonia.

As per the report says, more than 80% of the death can be prevented. It says, “with access to well-trained midwives, along with proven solutions like clean water, disinfectants, breast-feeding within the first hour, skin-to-skin contact and good nutrition”.

The real problem is the absence of proper doctors and midwives in poorer countries, like in Somalia, there is only one doctor for every 10,000 people and this is major setback the country face.

Collecting one of the saddest story among which there was a story of Mary James, an 18-year old girl from Malawi has to walk long by foot when her labour started with her sister to a health centre but when her baby was delivered, he was very weak and even with the constant effort of the doctors he was gone.

She said, “I felt like my heart was breaking. I had a name for the child, but he never opened his eyes”.

Zeck, who is an Gynecologist in Tanzania clearifies the absence of the expensive equipment. In order to test whether a fetus was premature or seriously underweight, he would have to use his hands to estimate.

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