Aam Aadmi party cheated labourers at Haryana Rally: Rs 350 not given as promised

Aam Aadmi Party dejected the Labourers who took part at the public gathering in Hisar yesterday. They were not given Rs 350 each for food to participate in the rally as against promised by the AAP government.

Aam Aadmi Party announced to contest elections in Haryana for October next year. The daily wage labourers were asked to join the rally with a prize of Rs 350 and some edibles, but they get nothing in return.

The rally was named as Haryana Bachao with a motive of targeting BJP and Congress. Delhi’s CM said that the present and the former government is busy in gathering votes only while his party will definitely work in the upliftment of the farmers. The party promised to implement Swaminathan committee recommendations.

Addressing the rally, the party head confirmed the gathering to improve the conditions of the Government schools, hospitals under their rule.

He said, “I grew up here. My father was an employee. I completed my studies here. The condition of government schools at that time was bad, now it has only worsened, and state’s health minister Anil Vij is to be blamed as he only has time for the social networking site twitter”.

He continued with the attacks on the centre for the number of bank scams recognized recently. By asking multiple questions to the government, the motive was entirely to target all the loopholes during the BJP rule.

He said, “I want to ask PM Narendra Modi, that if people of this country want to deposit their hard-earned money, which bank is safe? What if the bank goes bankrupt and all the money of the public is gone”.

Criticizing the Government for the jobless youth, he asked for the quick action to remove frustration among them.


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