A short glance of PM Modi’s informal summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin

Days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Chinese President Xi Jinping for the informal heart-to-heart summit, he is all set to meet the Russian president Vladimir Putin for the informal summit on May 21. The meet is considered different from others according to the Indian ambassador to Russia, Pankaj saran.

He said, “It’s very important and different kind of meeting between PM Modi and President Putin. Difference is President Putin invited PM to come visit him and discuss various issues almost within two weeks of him becoming President of Russia for the fourth time”.

Pankaj saran further added, “It’s great opportunity for personal chemistry between them to discuss different issues”.

PM Modi will arrive at Black Sea coastal City of Sochi where he will be received by the local dignitaries at the airport and later on, he will visit the residence resort of Putin.

The bilateral talks between PM Modi and President Vladimir Putin will cover various issues like US departure from the Iran Nuclear Deal and its repercussions, situation of crisis between Afghanistan and Syria and Russia’s role in development project of India.For the Iran nuclear deal, India will talk about the withdrawal of United States and its repercussions of the same.

Saran said, “Iran is a very important subject and I am sure, it will come up for discussion between the two leaders as they both share relations with Iran and have stakes in that country”.

Russia plays a significant role in India’s development projects as it is participating for the construction of Kudankulam nuclear power plant and have also committed to build six plants in KudanKulam while an agreement is being signed already to construct more units in India.

For the nuclear sector development, saran told, “Emerging area of co-operation in nuclear sector is possible co-operation between India and Russia in third countries. In Bangladesh, government is building Rooppur Nuclear plant. We look forward to work where Russian and Indian expertise can be merged”.

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