‘A Paid version of Facebook might be possible in future’- Mark Zuckerberg

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg made his debut before the joint session of both Commerce and Judiciary committees. The CEO was asked to showcase the company’s business model as millions of people blindly trust and give their personal data to Facebook

When Mark was asked about the continuity of the free version of the biggest media platform in the future, Facebook CEO said that there would always be a free version of the Facebook, however chances of a paid version might be possible in future.

Mark was asked multiple questions regarding the hacking of 87 million people’s data by political data-mining firm Cambridge Analytics. He answered calmly about the changes it will provide to prevent any other mishappening in the future.

The Facebook CEO said that there will be changes on the restriction of the data shared with the developers while log in up your Facebook account, a programme will be launch to award those who will give information of any data misuse and the setting of privacy shortcuts will be made easier to find.

When Senator Lindsey Graham asked Zuckerberg to give the name of his biggest competitor, he said, “It certainly doesn’t feel like that to me”. He was pretty sure with Facebook’s large size and its massive power.

However, the local people don’t seem to be satisfied with mark explanations. An IT executive in Minneapolis, Babu Chimata said, though the twitter was also targeted during 2016 Donald Trump’s elections, but the impact of the Facebook was much more.

He said, “These guys are the ones who made Trump, who changed the dynamics of this country. That’s why Trump was consistently hitting on this segment, generating controversy that was picked up and mass-circulated by a very willing media. The Russian bots targeted Twitter too, but the impact through Facebook was much much more”.

The long-term effect of the allegations on Facebook is yet to be seen.



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