92yr old Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad introduce ‘No-gift’ policy for ministers

The oldest Prime Minister of world, Mahathir Mohammad took other step to combat with the corruption by introducing a ‘No-Gift’ policy for different ministers in his government.

The step to ban receiving gifts by the ministers as a part of his objective to establish a clean government. He had previously blamed the earlier Razak government for supporting corruption in the country.

His four-party Pakatan Harapan Alliance has made the promise while campaigning to establish a corruption-free governance which led him to win the election and gain the trust of the people.

While speaking at a press conference, Malaysian PM said, “If there are gifts, they should only be limited to flowers, food and fruits. The Prime Minister cannot hide corruption by other officers or administrations”.

Apart from the banning on the acceptance for the gifts, PM Mahathir has directed his ministers to surrender their assets with a strict notice that anti-corruption authorities will keep a tight check on them. Till now, only civil servants were restricted to accept gifts, but the axe will now be on political circles as well.

Mahathir Mohamad who emerged as the oldest elected PM in the world by winning against Najib Razak who was ruling for the last six-decade on May 10. After coming to the seat, he had vowed to build a clean government.



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