91 killed, hundred injured as 7.0 earthquake hits Indonesia, toll may rise

Lombok island of Indonesia was shaken badly on Sunday evening by 7.0 earthquake that claimed the lives of 91 person leaving more than hundred injured. The Indonesian security forces and emergency workers are in fear of death toll to rise as debris of more than hundred buildings are still to be evacuated.

Sutopo Purwo, national disaster agency spokesman said, “the search and rescue team is still counting the scene and evacuating. We estimate the number of victims will rise”.

The after effects of earthquake is warned by the local authorities as the neighbouring island Bali known for the leading tourist destination felt the shock of quake and tourist were seen running on the streets.

The powerful 7.0 earthquake is followed by the 5.3 magnitude shock later on which compel the Lombok residents and tourists to scramble outdoors and spend their nights outside.

Hundred of injured were forced to be treated outside the damaged hospital building of main city Mataram. Nugroho added, “Many injured people are being treated outside of hospitals and health clinics because the buildings were damaged”.

According to an estimate, about 80% of Lombok area was damaged by the earthquake and it was the second quake in a week as 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Lombok claim the lives of 17 people thus damaging hundreds of buildings.

The main airport terminal of Lombok was reported unaffected and operation returned to the normal.

Indonesia is considered as one of the most earthquake prone areas as it lies on the pacific ring of fire where tectonic plated collides and many of the earthquake occurs.



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