52 Indians caged in Washington under trump’s zero-tolerance policy, lives in most inhuman conditions

Donald Trump’s tough zero tolerance policy dragged 52 individuals from India at a federal prison in Oregon, Washington. These individuals are also separated from their children and are labelled as illegal immigrants. They lives in the most inhuman conditions in prison as reported by an Asia-Pacific activist organization on Tuesday.

More than 123 immigrants searching for asylum have been detained and send to Oregon’s Sheridan federal prison in Yamhill country. Among 123 people, the majority constitute those from South Asian countries majorly speaking Hindi and Punjabi and very few are Chinese.

The immigrants live in the inhuman conditions of limited access to interpretation and risk of abuse in their current prison. Asia-Pacific organization said that the detention includes separating children from their parents but were not clear with the figures of those affected.

Susheela Jaypal, Commissioner-elect for Multnomah Country said, “2000 kids have been separated from their families, some for 2 months. This is the definition of cruel and unusual. The policy of family separation needs to end row and, in the meantime, all detainees deserve legal representation and fair treatment, starting with transparency about their children’s whereabouts and humane detention conditions”.

Although the focus is on Latino Immigration but the matter came into the limelight when Oregon’s congressional delegation, all democrats went to the detention centre of Sheridan facility and shocked to see the pathetic condition of the immigrants.

According to the official, the migrants are forced to locked up 22 to 23 hours in a day and kept three in a cell and even the migrants having families have no idea where their wives or children are, they fear they’ll be separated from them forever.

US Rep. Earl Blumenauer speaks at a TV interview thus ending up emotionally by illustrating the conditions of the immigrants.

He said, “This is a shameful hour in US history. I don’t care what your stance on immigration is, no one should favour ripping children out of their parents’ arm.

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