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5 interesting takeaways about Jeff Bezos Life

CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has recently surpassed Bill Gates for being the world’s richest man with the worth of $105 billion. Starting with an ordinary journey but with an extraordinary mind, Jeff believed in himself and crossed all the boundaries. Recently, his Company Amazon has also become the second most valuable company after Apple.

The man is well-known for his sharp business skills but very few of us know about his journey to achieve the mountainous success.

Jeff Bezos started his career with a telecom company, Fitel and carry on with another places like Bankers Trust and DE Shaw until he realised to start up by his own while travelling from New York to Seattle and he went on with the setup of Amazon.

Even being a head of the Digital Giant company, Jeff Bezos hate to work on ‘PowerPoint’ presentations and this is one of the reason he banned the same at Amazon.

His hard work and passion towards his work is well understood by his listing on not only the annual ‘rich’ list but also on the Harvard Business Review’s list of top 100 best performing CEO.

Interestingly, Jeff Bezos follows ‘Two Pizza Rule’ according to which a team should only comprise the member enough to finish two pizzas which means- lesser the number of people, more efficiently the work would be.

From an early childhood, he loves to read books and the same habit he always tries to indulge in his team member.

Apart from books, Jeff Bezos is passionate for the space travel. In one of the interview he described his “dream of saving humanity by creating permanent colonies in orbiting space stations while turning the planet into an enormous nature preserve”.

His passion for the space travel made him to discover an aerospace company named as Blue Origin whose aim is to make the space travel affordable.

In 2003, while travelling with the helicopter, Jeff Bezos was almost trapped in a helicopter crash but fortunately he was minorly injured in the head and since then, he stopped travelling in the helicopter.

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