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4 men held for unusual behaviour outside CBI Chief Alok Verma’s house

The long hours of drama between the security personnel of CBI Chief Alok Verma and four men considered to be suspicious were finally folded after the introspection and questioning by the police.

The incident took after on the early morning hours of Thursday when four men who were in the car resting outside the CBI chief Alok Verma’s residence at Janpath road. They were soon noticed by the security team and were nabbed by them.

However, four of them claimed to be the Intelligence Bureau’s office by submitting their identity proofs. An officer said, “Identity proofs being carried by the suspects have so far suggested that they are IB officers. We are verifying”.

The men were identified as Vinit Kumar Gupta, Ajay Kumar, Dhiraj Kumar Singh, and Prashant Kumar. Two of them were standing at the front gate of the residence while the other two were on the back gate.g the authenticity of the documents”.

The officer said, “they have been spotted loitering around for a long time since the early hours. They were finally detained after their behaviour aroused suspicion”.

alok verma - national news updates- truecolumn
Alok Verma – National News Updates- truecolumn

They were first questioned by the security personnel of Alok Verma and later on handed to the police. However, they were snatched firstly into the residence which the police considered as the unfair treatment.

Police said that in case of any unusual behavior, they should be informed first instead of taking any harsh treatment. An FIR has been registered by the police and PSO’s statement will be recorded in the future.

Alok Verma who came into the limelight after a fight in front of the nation with the deputy Rakesh Asthana and they later on divested of all the responsibilities. Asthana was removed with all the allegations by Alok Verma on Tuesday and the Government took the front by sending CBI chief on leave and handing the charges to M Nageshwar Rao.


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