24 dead, 49 injured due to fireworks explosion near Mexico City

A series of explosion burst one after the other in Mexico City due to fireworks workshops killed 2 person with 49 other injured on Thursday. The dead include the 4 firefighters and 2 police officers involved in the rescue work after the first explosion.

The incident took place in Tutlepec city of Mexico city with the consecutive blasts. The first explosion took place at 9.40 am followed by which the responders and local resident rushed to the spot for the rescue work but unfortunately at 10 am, three more powerful explosions took place killing some of those who came to help.

The statement released by the higher officials said that the Firefighters, local and state police and civil defence workers were among the unfortunate who were injured. 17 people were died on the spot while seven other died at the hospitals.

Head of the Mexico’s civil defence agency, Luis Felipe Puente said that the explosion occurred initially at the unauthorised, clandestine workshop which eventually spread as flammable material in the air.

He further added, “The problem was that after the first explosion, people went running to help, and when the second explosion occurred, these people who ran to help were killed”.

However, Tutlepec city is known for making the fireworks and explosions occurred frequently but this time, the destruction is on the large scale.

Seven people were killed and eight injured in another blast on June in Tutlepec while in December 2016, a massive open-air fire outbreak injured dozen of people indulge in the market crowd.

The accident raises many questions on the safety measures and regulations marked only in books while many continue to produce powerful firecrackers and bottle rockets thereby selling them in public.

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