20 person injured in Modi’s rally in West Bengal, PM visits hospital

Around 20 people were injured in PM Modi’s rally while he was addressing the gathering in West Bengal’s Paschim Midnapore on Monday as a portion of tent collapsed during the rally followed by which the victims were immediately rushed to nearby hospital and the number could rise, as per the officials.

Later on, PM Modi visited the hospital and checked the health of the injured person after which he gets emotional. Tears rolled on from his eyes while talking to one of the injured.

The portion of the tent was constructed near the main entrance of Kisan kalyan rally to protect people from the rains but it was collapsed while PM Modi was in the middle of his speech.

One of the eyewitness said, “The tent collapsed as PM Modi went on stage. Some people were injured- broken ribs and legs. Some of us left the venue and are returning home”.

As soon as PM Modi noticed the collapsed of the tent followed by which he instructed SPG personnel who was next to him to attend the injured.

All the Modi’s personal staff including his doctor and SPG Personnel immediately came in action to help the injured by taking them to the nearby hospital.

PM Modi attacked West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in the rally by saying that the people of the state is suffering hard because of Mamata’s selfish policies and divisive politics.

He said, “The political syndicate here is reducing the great land of Bengal to new lows and insulting its heritage. Nothing works without the Syndicate’s approval. Want to do business? Seek syndicate’s approval. Want to sell products? Syndicate dictates price. Even college admissions don’t work without it. They (state government) speak of ma, maati (land) and manush (people) but their real face has been exposed”.

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