16-year-old maid chopped into 12 pieces for demanding salary after a year

The police on Sunday founded a chopped body parts packed in a bag at Delhi’s Paschim Vihar. It was later on identified as a 16-year-old maid who was missing since May 3 and the accused was identified a Manjeet Karketa who killed the girl while she asked for her salary after a year.

The 16-year-old was identified as Soni Kumari who belongs to Ranchi’s Malgo village and was brought to Delhi by Karketa with the help of other two accused Gauri and Sahu. The group’s job was to lure the poor and young girls from Jharkhand and get them employed in Delhi.

RS Sagar, additional DCP said, “They used to bring these girls to Delhi and get them employed as maids”.The same happened with the Soni who was lured for the employment and brought in Delhi to work as domestic helper in a businessman’s house in south Delhi. She was given Rs 6,500 as monthly salary but had to give to Karketa.

The officer said, “The employer would pay the monthly salary, but the people who brought her to Delhi were pocketing the money”.

The trio accused is not connected with any placement agency but would regularly bring girls from Jharkhand by luring them for the high-paid employment.

An investigator said, “Kumari worked at a few homes in the city before being hired by a businessman’s family in East of Kailash. But her monthly salary would be pocketed by the people who brought her to Delhi. Karketa would justify pocketing the money by telling her employer that he was Kumari’s brother. It also helped prevent the girl from escaping”.

After getting frustrated with for the past few weeks, Soni started asking for her money as Karketa has kept more than 2 lakh money of Soni and when they feared being reported to the police, the trio planned to kill her.

On May 3, the accused took her away from the employer’s home by saying that he will be send back to Jharkhand but instead he brought her to a house in outer Delhi’s Nangloi.

The investigator said, “The killers first hit on her head. They then severed her neck before dismembering her limbs and torso. They packed her body parts into bags and dumped them into a drain in Mianwali”.

The CCTV camera footage recorded two suspects carrying the bag, but their face was not cleared. So, police investigated a door-to-door search in Mainwali and visited 2,5000 homes by focussing on 200 houses. After which, they found a house where a maid was missing since May 3.

The suspect by then fled to Jharkhand village and according to police, “we searched 45 villages in Gumla and neighbouring areas before finding Karketa’s home”.





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